Crume's Monuments

For more information on the Leitchfield War Memorial click here. There is also a Facebook page.

The Leitchfield War Memorial is located within the James D. Beville City Park. This memorial is to honor the sacrifices and service of all United States veterans from each of the five military branches, and to say thank you to the men and women who have served our country by putting their lives and their families’ future and welfare in jeopardy to protect and defend our nation.

​This memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day 2016.

Crume's Monuments was able to create a large monument centered in the middle of the memorial with six benches representing all branches of the military and POW/MIA that circles the large monument in the center.

​Each bench has a collage of pictures to represent each branch.

​The large monument placed in the middle represents all those who served.